Service & Solutions

Sponsorship & Exhibitor Strategy Design


Reinvent your brand engagement potential.

Create more win-win opportunities. Spur on deeper engagement.


Go beyond the old-fashioned “sales” approach to event sponsorship and embrace a path that can help you garner more revenue, offset program expenses, and design ongoing partnership platforms.

BrandEngage specializes in identifying the optimal sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities and developing out-of-the-box brand marketing strategies targeted to their needs. We take a deep dive into your business to understand your goals, objectives, and revenue projections.

We talk. We listen. The result? Creative, feedback-driven opportunities for a more engaged partner community.

Services to include:

  • Client Brand Deep Dive:
    • Including current Strategy Review, Sponsorship Opportunities, Materials, Budgets, and Participants.
  • Sales Prospectus Content / Copy Design
  • Identify Areas of Revenue Growth Potential
  • Establish Communications Campaign Timelines for Sales Execution

Sales Execution &
On-site Rebooking


Connect, collaborate, and customize.

Because “one size fits all” doesn’t fit anyone, any more.


If you’re still offering pre-packaged monetary levels (Gold, Silver, and Bronze, etc.), you may be leaving revenue on the table. BrandEngage provides a fresh look at your overall budget scope, assessing key opportunities for additional revenue. In particular, we look for non-traditional benefits and deliverables that align with your and your partners’ brand.

Not sure how to market these offerings? We’ll help you develop your communications content, including sales materials. We also provide on-site vendor management for brand-boosting specialty sponsorships and deliverables to ensure partner satisfaction and brand activation.

To ensure flawless execution of these programs, we provide you with communications campaigns and timelines, as well as regularly updated databases of current and prospective partners. We even custom-design an on-site rebooking program to keep partners engaged beyond the event date.

Services to include:

  • Build, update, and maintain prospect database and partner lists
  • Implement Outreach + Communications Campaigns
  • Design, Build, Track + Record Sponsor / Exhibitor Contracts
  • Develop On-site Rebooking Strategy for future events

Reporting, Analytics, & Fulfillment Management


“Up the engagement. Boost your revenue. Always know where you stand financially.”

 Offer maximum sponsor brand impact for minimal cost and real-time data to enhance your decision-making.


BrandEngage knows how important it is for you and your higher-ups to stay informed about the status of your event, with regard to revenue and expenses. That’s why we schedule weekly one-on-one meetings to review trends and forecasting estimates.

Because everyone stays on the same page, it’s easy to answer questions, address issues, and make insightful business decisions. We also provide you with month-to-month and year-to-year comparison statistics and trends, so you know how to maximize your time, focus, and budget.

What do your sponsors and exhibitors really want from their partnership with you? What would help them reach their goals? Utilizing the fundamentals of relationship marketing, BrandEngage connects and collaborates with your partners to create customized strategies and tactics to enhance brand activation and customer engagement.

Services to include:

  • Weekly Meetings for Targeted Review of Process
  • Revenue Forecasting and Trending Reporting
  • Outside Vendor Management
  • Non-Cash / In-Kind Partnership Management