Why BrandEngage?

It’s time to break the mold in “selling” partnership opportunities.

At BrandEngage, we are passionate about creating strategic, customized opportunities that enhance brand engagement, deliver increased value, and boost ROI.

Customized Marketing Engagement Opportunities

  • We go beyond “one size fits all” sponsorship levels, to develop customized programs that align with the sponsors’ and exhibitors’ branding goals, add more value to their event experience, and open new pathways for our clients to grow revenue.

Relationship-Marketing Focus

  • BrandEngage uses conversation and dialogue to connect and collaborate with our client’s sponsors and exhibitors so we can delve into their brand, ask the right questions, and uncover new opportunities to deliver more value and return on investment.

Service-Oriented Approach

  • We work as an extension of our client’s team and act as a liaison to sponsors and exhibitors, handling all aspects of the consultation process – from information gathering, to strategy/ creative development, to on-site execution…and we always go the extra mile.

Delivering the Impact Our Clients Want

  • BrandEngage is results-oriented— tailoring customized strategies to help clients achieve the impact they want—be that increased revenue, additional sponsor and exhibitor partners, or improved engagement for current partners.

Leveraging Our Unique Perspective

  • We combine sales and business acumen with event marketing and production expertise, which enables us to develop fresh, fun, creative ideas for engagement.

Attuned to Today’s Attendees

  • We understand that today’s meeting and event attendees want to meet and connect differently so we are always looking for new and exciting ways to get them to engage/ connect/interact with sponsors’ and exhibitors’ brands.

Passionate About the Win-Win

  • BrandEngage is all about creating strategies and solutions that deliver a win-win for our clients and for their sponsors and exhibitors.